Kindergarteners Celebrate Mom

Kindergarteners Celebrate Mom

Editor's Note:  This article was written by Mrs. Jeannette Lee, a Culver kindergarten parent.

As the school year is drawing to a close (we’re already on L in the ABC countdown!), I find myself getting sentimental.  I’m sure I’m not the only mom of a Kindergartener who is looking both back and forward at the same time.  Looking back to the fun days in Kindergarten like 100 Day, Teddy Bear Picnic, and Rainbow Day.  And looking forward to 1st grade and all the new experiences the rest of her years at Culver will bring her.  More math!  More reading!  More science!  So much more learning to come!

To me, Kindergarten is the most amazing year.  These little people walk into this big school building in the fall, barely knowing how to read a few words, only knowing a few kids they went to pre-school with, and looking just so small.  And now, with only a few weeks left of school, my daughter is reading books, playing with kids I’ve never met, and walking with the swagger of a big kid who knows her way around the school.

All this sentimentality is what makes Mother’s Day Brunch so special.  These kids have been working on their songs for the six weeks since they came back from Spring Break, with the 3 Kindergarten classes coming together to learn the words to the songs.   Additionally, for the past two weeks, they had special rehearsals with Mrs. Dworak accompanying them on the piano for about 10 minutes each day.

As soon as the Kindergarteners walked into the cafeteria, moms started pulling out cameras and the students all looked so proud and excited to be performing for their mothers.  This wasn’t the first time they got to stand on the risers in the cafeteria performing for us; since they already performed in the Winter Program earlier this school year, there was a renewed confidence that this was a program they were well-prepared to perform.

The kids sang adorable songs like I Love You Mommy, My Mom is So Lucky, and Five Pretty Mommies before passing out canvas bags with their handprint artwork on them.  Inside the bags were letters and “All about Mom” surveys with statements like:

-My mom is 20 years old

-Her favorite food is “soop”

-The best thing she cooks is “cookees”

-We like to “cudl” together

Moms and their kids got to then enjoy a brunch of muffins, cookies, quiche, and yogurt that the cafeteria staff had prepared for the occasion.  It was a great chance to celebrate being a mom and all the hard work our kids have put in this year in Kindergarten.  Culver’s Mother’s Day Brunch has been an annual tradition for at least 32 years, and is clearly a favorite day for moms, students, and teachers alike.  

Click here to enjoy a few heartwarming photos from the event.