Culver's Got Talent!

Culver's Got Talent!

They sang. They danced. They recited the periodic table of elements. Culver students put on a dazzling display of their entertainment skills at the school’s Talent Show on Jan. 27.

Taking the stage solo or in small groups, the performers treated the audience of students, parents and teachers to a 90-minute variety show. Besides the singers and dancers, there were actors and comedians and instrumentalists and magicians. One young man mesmerized the audience for two minutes by reciting the numbers in the mathematical constant pi — an irrational number that never ends.

The Talent Show is sponsored by the Culver student council, and council members acted as hosts, providing their own entertainment between the acts.

Students had to try out beforehand, but as long as they followed the guidelines, everyone who tried out was allowed to perform. Student council sponsors Helen Lazaris and Gina Rossi coordinated the tryouts and decided on the order of performance.

All told there were 36 acts, with students from first through eighth grade taking part.

The Culver Talent Show only takes place once every two years, so if you missed this year’s event, you’ll have to wait until 2019 for the next one. It’s guaranteed to be worth the wait.

Photo copyright © by Marina Samovsky Photography.