Strategic Planning

We are living in a time of complexity, competition and change. In order to help focus our time, energy and resources, it is important to live and plan strategically.

Strategic planning is the process by which the district and larger community continually create systems to meet our extraordinary goals and purpose.

Strategic Goals

1. Improvement of Academic Achievement
1.1 Goal: Create a supportive Professional Learning Community (PLC) that uses student assessment data to guide curriculum decisions and improve instruction.
1.2. Goal: Ensure that all students actively engage in a rigorous curriculum aligned to the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

2. Teaching, Learning and Working with Technology
Goal: Continue our technology plan to support student learning, professional development and district operations through meaningful use of 1:1 technology.

3. Maintain a Positive, Supportive Environment for Students and Staff
3.1 Goal: Provide a positive school climate and culture with key stakeholders through targeted communication.

4. Ensure the Financial Stability of the District
4.1 Goal: Maintain long-term financial stability while continuing to improve and expand the quality of programs and opportunities for students.

5. Maintain Safe and Productive School Facilities
5.1 Goal: Maintain a school building that facilitates instruction and supports 21st-century learning strategies.

6. Effective Communication and Community Engagement
6.1 Goal: Provide positive communication between Niles School District 71, parents and community members.

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