Board of Education

Thank you for your interest in our community school. This website is designed to help you learn more about our school and our community. Please join us as we work together to create a bright and successful future for all of our students.


  1. Provide a top-quality education that engages and challenges every student to embrace learning, grow intellectually and achieve measurable academic progress.
  2. Integrate a broad system of support for students into the culture, curriculum and activities of Culver School to foster personal growth, well-being and civic responsibility.
  3. Ensure that the district’s finances and facilities are well managed and resources are used effectively to support educational priorities.
  4. Improve communication with stakeholders regarding the fiscal and operational performance of the district.

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Board of Education:
Mr. Matthew Holbrook

Mr. Matt Glancy -
Mrs. Dexi Karabatsos
Mr. Ken Krueger
Mr. Joe Kuffel
Mrs. Victoria Luz - Secretary
Mrs. Jaclyn Jaime