Strategic Planning

We are living in a time of complexity, competition and change. In order to help focus our time, energy and resources, it is important to live and plan strategically.

Strategic planning is the process by which the district and larger community continually create systems to meet our extraordinary goals and purpose.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Improve Student Performance to Prepare Students for High School

Objective 1.1: Enhance the rigor of the curriculum and expectations for student performance

Metric 1:  Increase the number of students receiving meets or better scores on PARCC to 60% in reading and math by 2020
Metric 2:  Increase the the number of students receiving a score of 5 on PARCC to 13%  in reading and math by 2020

Objective 1.2:  Develop lessons and incorporate instructional strategies that meet International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards

Metric 1.2:  Improve all four elements of the Bright Bytes Survey to the highest level by 2020

Goal 2: Develop and Communicate School Identity and Accomplishments

Objective 2.1:  Develop “Culver Pride” identity into school traditions and daily activities

Metric 2.1: Increase 5-Essential “Supportive Environment” measure to “More” level by 2020

Objective 2.2:  Foster student social-emotional skills including problem-solving abilities and interpersonal skills

Metric 2.2:  Increase the Emotional Health and Grit 5-Essential Survey measures to the “More” level by 2020

Goal #3: Maintain A Strong Financial Position and Safe and Productive Building Facilities

Objective 3.1:  Maintain long-term financial stability while continuing to improve and expand the quality of programs and opportunities for students

Metric 3.1:  Receive the highest ISBE financial profile score and receive CAFR Award each fiscal year

Objective 3.2:  Maintain a school building that facilitates instruction and supports 21st century learning strategies

Metric 3.2:  Complete all “priority” items on buildings and safety lists each fiscal year

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