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If you suspect that someone in your household has Covid, please call the Culver Medical Hotline at 847-644-1812.
All other health related calls or absences should be directed to 847-966-9280 ext. 1118 or

School Office Procedures for Parents

Mrs. Keith is the front office assistant for Culver School. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school office at 847-966-9280 and they will be happy to assist you. Please recognize that the busiest time in the school office is 8-9 a.m. If your message is not urgent, please wait to contact us until after 9:00.

Please be diligent about picking up your child. It can be quite traumatic for children to wait even 10 minutes if they have not been warned ahead of time. Current telephone numbers are required for each child, so we can contact parents if it becomes necessary.

Absence Line

On any day that a child cannot attend school, a parent or guardian must call the school office to excuse the child, stating the reason for the absence. This check on attendance lets the school know that an absent child is safe at home and avoids the need for a note upon the child's return to school.

Parents must call the absence line (847-966-9280) the evening before or the morning of a student's absence, then press 5000 to leave a message stating your name, your child's name and the reason for absence.

You must also call if your child will be late, and your child must check in with the office when arriving late. If your child needs to be dismissed from school early, you must notify the school at least one day in advance to let us know why the child will be leaving early. A parent or designated person must sign the student out. Please pick up your child in the office when requesting an early dismissal.


If your child is absent for only one day, have him/her pick up homework when he/she returns to school the next day. Middle school students must be absent for 3 days before they can request homework from the office. The classroom teacher will determine when the work needs to be completed. If your child has an extended absence, please make arrangements with his/her teacher(s) regarding homework and making up class work (see below). 

Extended Absence

In the case of an extended illness it will not be necessary to call the school every day, but the school may require verification from a physician.

Vacations while school is in session are discouraged, but if it is necessary to remove your child during the school year, you must notify the office one week in advance. The office staff is required to document this absence as unexcused. Contact your child’s teacher to make arrangements to make up class work and homework. Students are responsible for all work assigned to their class during their absence.

Office Staff:

Mrs. Coreen Keith
847-966-9280 x1101
Ms. Kim Gordon
Administrative Assistant
847-966-9280 x1102