Niles School District 71 has a strong commitment to curriculum, instruction and assessment. Our students benefit from a rich and diverse academic program. We promote a balanced education that meets students' intellectual, social and personal needs to help them continue their pursuit of lifelong learning. We strive to prepare our students to be thoughtful, active citizens who can contribute productively in a multicultural, rapidly changing, interdependent world.
Monitoring, assessing and creating a quality curriculum is an ongoing priority due to the range of grade levels a curriculum covers, the quality of the available instructional materials, and the changing expectations for student learning. Aligning the curriculum helps to unify learning across and among grade levels. Our goal is to have well-designed curricula that can assist teachers to create powerful learning opportunities, provide a seamless course/grade progression and improve student performance.
Our faculty members take an active role in curriculum development. Our curriculum revision cycle helps to ensure that all disciplines are evaluated and revised regularly. We emphasize standards-based curriculum, performance-based learning and assessment, and high-quality instruction. The curriculum and grade-level teams support the articulation, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of curriculum. Members of the teams help to build a “knowledge network” within and across all schools and with the school community.

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