Mental Health and Bereavement Resources

Just a reminder, if you or your children are in need of professional support, Niles Family Services is available for assistance.  You can call them at 847-588-8460 to set up an appointment for counseling.  Additionally, here are some articles providing guidance on what grief looks like and how to talk to children about loss.

Helping Children Cope with Loss, Death, and Grief

10 Ways to Help a Grieving Child

Here are some suggestions for discussing the situation at home:

  • Take time to listen and talk with your child about what happened;
  • Reassure your child that you will be available to help them through this difficult time;
  • Help your child verbalize some of the feelings they might be feeling, but are unable to express;
  • Reassure your child that you will do all you can to keep them safe. Providing specific examples may help to reduce some of the fear and anxiety;
  • Discuss some of the things you and your child might do to express your concern for the family. 

Any changes in your child’s behavior which seem extreme and/or do not seem to go away, should be brought to the attention of a doctor, mental health professional, or someone in the community of your choosing who can assist your child. Niles Family Services can be reached at 847-588-8460 to set up an appointment for counseling. If your child requires immediate assistance, please contact Niles Family Services 24 hour crisis hotline at 847-343-2073. 



A Critical Role

As a community of excellence, we believe that parents play a critical role in the education of their children. Parental involvement in its various forms has a positive impact on student achievement. Niles School District 71 is committed to continuing strong partnerships with parents in the education of their children.

Given the key contributions parents can make to effective schooling, our goal is to promote parent involvement at all grade levels. We strive to ensure greater student success in all curricular areas by making schools and parents more productive partners in children’s education.

We offer a training program for all volunteers.  Click here for more information about becoming a Culver Parent Volunteer.

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