Reading & English Language Arts

Course DescriptiStudents studyingon:
Students will become active, skillful and confident readers, writers and communicators through purposeful literacy experiences within a comprehensive literacy program.
Enduring Understandings:
Our relationship to the world is refined by our relationship to the word. Making meaning of the word requires creating a context for our “reading” of our world. The insightful use of language shapes our awareness of ourselves and others. Our appreciation and understanding of life is enriched by our ever-evolving facility with language. The imaginative use of language, ideas and communication inspires and empowers us.

Essential Questions:
What strategies do good readers use to understand text?
What are the elements of fiction that tie literature together?
How do good authors use literary devices to make text interesting?

Course Academic Vocabulary:
Predicting, connecting, visualizing, questioning, summarizing, inferring, annotating, metacognition, author’s purpose, genre, non-fiction, fiction, text structure, and main idea.