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Culver Enhances Crisis Preparedness

Culver Enhances Crisis Preparedness

Culver School has taken significant strides in enhancing its crisis preparedness and response protocols. Mr. Matt Holbrook, President of the Board of Education, said, "We are committed to ensuring the well-being of our school community, and these recent initiatives demonstrate our dedication to crisis planning and school safety generally."

Streamlining Crisis Response with Standard Reunification Method (SRM) Adoption:

The district adopted the SRM developed by the "I Love You Guys" Foundation, a New Mexico-based national organization that focuses on school safety and preparedness. The SRM is designed to ensure a standardized and efficient approach to evacuation and reunification procedures.

Staff received training on SRM protocols, solidifying their understanding of their roles and responsibilities during a crisis.

Culver staff recently visited our primary evacuation/reunification site, reviewing site-specific reunification maps and protocols.

Enhancing Preparedness with Alternative Sites and Ongoing Training:

Recognizing the potential for large-scale emergencies, the district established an alternative evacuation/reunification site. Located more than 1,000 feet away from Culver, this site minimizes congestion and ensures smooth first-responder access.

On Feb. 9, key personnel attended an official SRM training session at the DuPage Regional Office of Education (ROE). The session was designed to further equip them with advanced knowledge and best practices.

Superintendent John Kosirog has partnered with the Village of Niles to organize a joint crisis communications training workshop titled, "Smart Strategies for Tough Times." This workshop, slated for February, will equip school officials, police, and fire departments with effective communication strategies for navigating emergency situations.

"By proactively strengthening our crisis readiness and fostering collaboration with our community partners," Superintendent Kosirog said, "we are confident in our ability to effectively respond to emergency situations and ensure the safety and well-being of our students and staff."

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