About Niles Elementary School District 71

Niles School District 71 is a community of excellence. 

Founded in 1915, we are a one-school elementary district. Clarence E. Culver School serves 550 students from diverse backgrounds in preschool through eighth grade. Our staff of 60 teachers and support personnel is devoted to developing the full potential of every child.

The school district is recognized statewide and nationally for its innovative instructional practices and solid educational programs.  The majority of our students score in the top levels on standardized achievement tests and meet or exceed state standards.

The small size and intimacy of Culver School provide students with a unique learning experience. Small class sizes favor optimal participation, personal development and a sense of belonging. Kindergarten through fifth grade classes are self-contained, except for art, music and physical education. In sixth through eighth grades, instruction is departmentalized.

With the education of the individual child as the central focus, Culver School strives to provide a positive and encouraging educational climate in which each child builds a core body of knowledge, masters key skills and develops useful habits of study. This includes developing an understanding of the creative process and superior critical thinking abilities. We have a full-day kindergarten program and a very reasonably priced half-day early childhood program for children 3-5 years old.

The K-8 curriculum includes advanced programs, enrichment classes and special needs support services, all of which contribute to the development of the whole child. All educational programs are designed to continuously meet the changing needs of students in our dynamic world.