Welcome, new chorus members and welcome back, returning members! The Culver Chorus is a great opportunity to experience new music, develop your confidence, help your voice grow and make new friends.

Practices are held every Tuesday morning from 7:15 to 7:55 a.m. in the music room – room 182 – beginning Tuesday, September 4, 2018. Please enter the school through the Band door for all rehearsals.

What we learn or practice during rehearsals affects not just the Chorus as a group, but the individual student. Therefore, if you choose to participate, you are required to attend all rehearsals and performances and you are expected to arrive on time. If any special circumstances arise and you are not able to attend, parents must call the school or send a note or email. It is very important that we are able to account for every student on school days, including during before-school activities. You can contact me by email at or by phone at 847-966-9280, ext. 1182.

Concert attire for our performances is simple: Any combination of black and white works (blouse/shirt, pants/skirt/dress).

Chorus Rehearsals

Performances / Special Events 
Concert  - November 14th
Choir Fest - Niles West - January 9th, 2019

Mrs. Christine Dworak
Music Teacher