Lice Procedure

Management of head lice involves a three-step process:

One: Identification and treatment with a special lice shampoo
  • All cases of head lice infestation should be reported to the school nurse.
  • Parents should check their children for head lice as part of their daily hygiene.
  • If lice are detected, the child(ren) should be treated with head lice shampoo.
  • The school nurse will conduct head lice inspections whenever necessary during the school year.
  • When head lice are detected, a general notice regarding the presence of head lice will go to all homes with students in the classroom(s) involved.
Two: Nits must be removed
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for the manual removal of lice eggs (nits).
Three: Environmental measures
  • Parent education and information will be provided as needed.
  • The school nurse will assess the need to screen other students.
  • The treated student will be checked in one week and periodically by the nurse.
  • The nurse will review school environmental factors with appropriate school staff.