e-Learning Frequently Asked Questions

When will District 71 use an e-learning day?
The district will use an e-learning day when school is closed due to inclement weather or another emergency event.

How will students and parents be notified if an e-learning day will be used?
Parents and students will be notified just as they have been informed in the past of weather related school closings. The announcement will be made by 6 am and posted first at www.niles71.org. The district will also use the automated phone call system to alert you of the information. 

How do I determine the assigned e-learning activities?
Follow these directions:

  1. From a device, use the browser and go to niles71.org
  2. Click on e-Learning
  3. Click on the e-Learning Lessons link

What will it look like for students?
Student work on this day should be independent. If a student is expressing difficulty, they should contact the teacher for assistance. Flexibility will be provided for assignment due dates when appropriate. The work should take no longer than five hours for completion. 

What happens if my child needs assistance?
Teachers will be available to students through their school email. 

When will e-learning day assignments be posted?
Assignments will be posted by the start time of the regular school day. Kindergarten and first grade students will be given assignments ahead of time to be completed on the e-learning day. Consideration will be given to students that need additional time to complete assignments due to unforeseen circumstances. 

What if we don’t have Internet access at our home?
Students will not be penalized if they do not have Internet service.  There will be assignment choices for each grade level that require minimal internet access.

What do I do if I have technology-related questions during an e-learning day?
If a student is having technology-related issues, please go to the e-Learning Technology Support Page

How will attendance be taken?
Attendance will be taken by the teachers upon proof of completion of the listed activities and assignments. As work is submitted to teachers, staff will record what is completed in PowerSchool.

How will the e-learning day impact after-school activities?
After-school activities will be treated the same as if school were closed. Schools will communicate about after-school activities directly with parents. 

Do e-learning days have to be made up at the end of the school year?
The state has determined that e-learning days do not extend the school year, so no emergency days will be used at the end of the year due to e-learning days. Other rare instances may cause the cancelation of school and the need to add a day to the end of the school year. An example would be a lack of power and/or internet throughout the district due to a major incident or weather event.