Services for English Learners

Niles ESD 71 will screen each student for English language proficiency if that student's home language survey indicates a background other than English. For all students who start at the beginning of the school year, the District will complete the screening within 30 days and for students who start after the beginning of the school year the screening will take place within 14 days. Parents will be notified whether or not their child qualifies for English Learning services.

The English Learner (EL) program—often referred to as ELL, an abbreviation of English Language Learner—is designed to meet the needs of our culturally and linguistically diverse student population. A large percentage of our students are exposed to a second language at home and nearly 10 percent of them receive EL services at school. An EL screening is administered to all students who speak or hear a second language at home to determine if they qualify for EL services. Students who receive a Composite score below 5.0 qualify to receive EL services

EL Screening and Placement Information

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Based on a student’s basic interpersonal communication skills and academic language proficiency, he or she may receive various levels of language and content-based support throughout the school day. Most of the instruction takes place in a general education classroom with push-in support from an EL teacher, during language arts or guided reading. Students with lower levels of English language proficiency may receive additional pull-out support from the EL teacher for a 30-minute period. The goal of the EL program is to help students develop proficient reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in English and succeed in academic subjects as they transition into grade-level work. This extra help allows students to participate in the classroom with greater skill and confidence.

EL Program Overview

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